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Our planet is ready for change and now so are we

Our Story

Geowise was established in Shanghai in 2019 and our founder James has over 15 years of experience in food packaging manufacturing and its international supply.

He has always been passionate about environmental protection and always upholds the concept of sustainability in the company’s operation. While actively promoting 100% compostable packaging, we realized there is a shortage of end-of-life compost facilities here. So we introduced the Australian patented technology: BiobiN®, an organic waste management system that allows users to compost not only GeoWise packaging but any organic waste. 

We hope that in the context of the increasing demand for end treatment of wet waste and compostable packaging, the proper use of composting technology will help society and enterprises to reduce waste treatment costs while returning carbon back to the soil and helping to achieve a truly sustainable circular economy!


we are committed to

plastic free

We manufacture and supply compostable packaging products that meet international standards and do not consume any plastic in the transportation chain.

zero waste

We also introduced the Australian composting technology -- BiobiN® to recycle compostable packaging and organic wastes, treat wastes as assets to truly achieve Zero Waste!

Working together to reduce environmental impact

We give back to Mother Earth by donating to various environmental projects, such as saving bees and planting trees.

Compost education

Environmental composting education: We are happy to participate in public education programs in schools to teach children more about the benefits of environmental protection and composting.