Compostable· sustainable

Waste, not wasted.

GeoWise provides compostable packaging solutions using sugarcane. We also introduced the Australian composting technology — BiobiN® to recycle compostable packaging and organic wastes, and treat wastes as assets to truly achieve Zero Waste!

Compostable·plastic free

Geowise compostable Packaging

We are committed to building a 100% plastic-free range of products, including all shipping materials.

Accessaries like ziplock, one-way valves, and windows are all compostable. 

Where has all the compostable packaging gone?

Incineration: Incineration of compostable plastics is not very efficient in generating electricity, and it is still controversial whether waste incineration can achieve completely clean production.

Landfills: In order to minimize the volume of garbage, landfills compress the garbage tightly, and the anaerobic environment inside the garbage makes degradation almost impossible.

So why don’t we compost them?

Circular·zero waste

BiobiN® Mobile compost bin

BiobiN® is a mobile, on-site organic/wet material management solution that starts the composting process and effectively manages odour from putrescible waste.

GeoWise Brought the BiobiN® in response to the growing need to recycle the large amounts of organic and wet materials being sent to landfills. The BiobiN® provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution for organic waste generated from a variety of facilities around the world.

Told By GeoWise

A story of achieving Zero waste

GeoWise produces compostable packaging and promotes the application of compost technology to build a “sustainable circular economy” inside of our business. The idea is all our products can be put back into the earth as compost. Our plan is to earn corporate partners in the hopes of leading our way into a “use it all” resource future.

Our Positive Impact

Creating and promoting a sustainable circular economy

Our plan is to earn corporate partners in the hopes of leading our way into a “use it all” resource future.

Helping to solve the ocean plastic problem

We promise that all packaging products are 100% compostable and no plastic is consumed for transportation.

Business for good

As a certified member of B Corp, we take action to implement the concept of “use business as a force for good”.

Advocating for waste resourcefulness

We believe that waste is a misplaced resource and we provide packaging products made from bagasse as well as tools, BiobiN, to compost organic waste into organic fertilizer and return it to the earth.

Promoting environmental education

We will be conducting educational programs at the compost farm to educate students and any groups and individuals interested in composting about it and the environmental benefits of composting.

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